The Cobalt, Futuristic Gadget with Classic Style

One of the old time keeping devices has been the good old pocket watch with a chain and flap. But the advent of wrist watch and the comfortability of the same led to the former being lost in the oblivion. With the discerning public need for next convergence device which blends elegance with portability and simplicity. Well in comes the Cobalt as response to that. Its round OLED touch screen allows an easy access to the features with just a simple flick of the thumb. The screen shows time, date, and temperature along with updates on text, email and voicemail. It can be completely customized on every level, with the default settings on the screen that can be changed to suit user needs be it a minimal analog hands to full on digital display.

It is designed with the style conscious in mind as in when the Bluetooth technology can be integrated with earrings and other accessories. There’s a hidden spot on the back for house keys, along with state-of-the-art voice recognition software, it sure is one thing you can take to places.

the cobalt by adam huffman

the cobalt by adam huffman

Designer: Adam Huffman via yankodesign

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Martin Lewis says: January 24, 2009

I'm just getting into retro through steam-punk designs. This is grand.

Oraj says: January 26, 2009

I absolutely love it, would love to have one.

Dwindle says: April 5, 2009

Great concept, but why the keys hidden inside? That would be extremely difficult, as well as random. It would be better to make bluetooth controlled doorlocks.

michael Jackson(seriously) says: December 3, 2009

this is complete hottness!! i have to have one right now someone please let me know when & where i can get this

Nobly says: October 28, 2011

really coooool! i like it!__

Chloe says: August 28, 2013

How do I buy it

Fleemin says: February 7, 2017


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