The Clip Watch Provides a New Way of Seeing Time

How many times have you found it difficult to see the time when the watch is laying under the heavy coat during winter season? The clip watch concept, with a shape of a tiny button, has been designed to address that difficulty by making it convenient to see and more functional than traditional watches. This button like watch can be clipped with any outfit the user is wearing which in term will enhance the user’s elegancy. Since, it’s not necessary to gaze at the watch for a long time, the glass face of the watch shows the time and date for only a few seconds whenever the user touches it. A solar battery panel has been integrated with the watch to produce electricity for the display.

the clip watch

the clip watch

the clip watch

the clip watch

Designer : Mac Funamizu

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Jamie says: September 29, 2013

I was so disappointed when I realized this was only a design. I was all set to buy one! I've been looking for a small watch on a clip or pin, and I love the idea of a solar-powered one–no messing around with batteries or winding, no having my watch go battery-dead at an inconvenient time.

I'd suggest making it a little easier to read instead of the minimalist time display–it would be easy to look at this from the wrong angle and misread it when one's a little distracted.

I hope this becomes a real product!

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