Tea4Two : Portable Electric Tea Kettle for 2 Persons At A Time

Tea4Two is a portable concept electric tea kettle that can prepare tea for two persons at a time, one with its inner container and the cap of the kettle will act as a tea holder for another person. The simple and nice looking kettle offers great user friendly operating with only one functional power button that will switch on the kettle and will be switched off automatically once the tea is ready. The glossy body is made of highly durable and heat resistant plastic that can easily be cleaned with wet cloths.

tea for two

tea for two

tea for two

tea for two

Designer : Ben Peterson

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Joel Rojell says: September 7, 2009

As someone who loves tea, this looks like a great product.

Stephanie says: November 16, 2009

Where can I buy this? It is exactly what I need for my portable office!

Emily says: December 3, 2011

How heavy is it?

K Dang says: January 4, 2012

What are the dimensions of this?

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