Targus Helix Backpack for Young Generation by Abraham Peter

The Targus Helix backpack is a versatile backpack designed for teenagers and young creatives. Just to be clear, this design is not officially from Targus, it’s only a concept proposal for the company. Although Targus is well known across the business consumers, consumer insights showed that Targus lacks recognition in the younger generation. The concept is a minimal approach to the brand capitalizing on the straps and integrating them into the body of the bag, relocated zipper to the side for faster access to your content, adding a hoodie to tie into the lifestyles of the younger generation (image and status), and features a hard outer shell and soft neoprene inner shell with padded ABS protection around your laptop (something not found in current laptop bags.

Designer : Abraham Peter

Targus Helix Backpack by Abraham Peter

Targus Helix Backpack by Abraham Peter

The color scheme is meant to eliminate all the visual noise found in bags now and is there as a blank canvas for the user to be creative and mark, draw, and customize to their liking. In order for Targus to become a leading brand, it should not rely heavily on mass distribution and should focus on creating meaningful products that cater to younger generation such as Targus Helix backpack.

Targus Helix Backpack by Abraham Peter

Targus Helix Backpack by Abraham Peter

Targus Helix Backpack by Abraham Peter

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Chatham says: January 9, 2012

Just because it has a hoodie, it appeals less to me. Adding a hood wont make it more attractive to younger audiences.

aleš presetnik says: January 11, 2012

The thing i miss the most is the Pivoting dual density waistbelt for optimal load transfer and same for the chest support(plastic buckle) ..cuz most youngsters transfer themselfs with bikes like bmx or skate,longboard … and i can't see Compression molded back panel with contoured lumbar support in any of these pics..hope ll help

devn.dj14 says: January 26, 2012

i want is

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