TAG+FINDER Detects Your Baggage Easily at Baggage Claim Area

I would love to have TAG+FINDER on my luggage when traveling as I really hate waiting endlessly for my bags at the airport baggage claim. This small and functional name tag can be attached to most travel bags to allow its user to conveniently find the baggage at the destination. This gadget can also become pretty handy to alarm or inform user when it is detected at certain distance, it prevents loss or theft. Smart design isn’t it? It helps you avoid any complicated baggage claim process as well as keeping it safe.

When you are at departure area, don’t forget to detach the reader part of TAG+FINDER and keep it in your wallet or passport just like a bookmark. Once you are at arrival area and waiting for your luggage, simply sit, activate the reader and wait. An alarm will turn on with a LED light once your bags are within certain distance.

Designer : Donguk, Seo

TAG+Finder by Seo Donguk

TAG+Finder by Seo Donguk

TAG+Finder by Seo Donguk

TAG+Finder by Seo Donguk

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stephen russell says: August 4, 2012

MUst sell with every luggage piece ever.
Must have for worldwide use & sell in hotels, cruise ships, malls alone.
& Airport mall centers.
Must produce this for 2M plus marketplace

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