FloStem Water Saving Device by 3form Design

Most water saving devices on the market measure the time rather than volume, it’s kinda difficult to know how much water that we actually waste. FloSTEM is here to offer water saving device that measures volume, it’s not going to be expensive as those currently on the market, yet it helps to control your domestic […]


Foram : An Amphibious Pavilion That Functions As Water Purification Vessel

BART//BRATKE has conceived Foram, a visionary water purifying vessel in front of Santa Monica’s coastline. Teamed up with studioDE, BART// BRATKE has come up with futuristic raft Foram, an ecological concept that converts seawater into fresh water, scaled to local needs. The vessel can be constructed globally wherever there’s a need for fresh water, it […]


Wearbuds: Charge Your Wireless Earbuds Right on Your Wrist

All wireless earbuds are actually not truly wireless since you still have to carry a charging case, right? Aipower wants to eliminate that charging case by releasing Wearbuds, a true wireless earbuds housed in a fitness band. This smart device offers ultimate convenience with astonishing sound, it’s specially designed for ultra portability that includes fitness tracker features. Thanks to its patented design, Wearbuds allows […]

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