Gyro Two Wheeled Gyroscopically Stabilized Electric Vehicle by Carlos Pilonieta

Gyro has been designed as two wheeled gyroscopically stabilized electric vehicle. User can drive this futuristic vehicle electronically by allowing necessary movement from its high-tech cockpit. GPS, Bluetooth, internet, everything can be operated from a touch screen or voice command. Inside this car, you are connected to the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Future technology incorporated i...
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Stylish Metaphys Ojue Lunch Box with Chopsticks

Metaphys Ojue Lunch Box is a sleek and stylish lunch box that I would love to carry to work everyday. Since this product is designed by a Japanese product design company, it is of course completed with chopsticks. It consists of 3 compartments which are stacked together. When it’s time for lunch, simply open this lunch box, you can re-heat your lunch since those compartments are microwave-safe, ...
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Standing Broom Prevents The Bristles From Becoming Bent

I always hang my broom to avoid bending the bristles, this is a great way to maintain the useful life of the broom. However, there are times when I have to stop to rest where walls are distance away, I simply would have to lay the broom on the floor, or even when there’s a wall next to me, it doesn’t mean there’s a peg or rack to hang the broom. Standing Broom solves all those issues right a...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Domestic Aid

Falcon Concept Car Features Great Power with Jet Propelled Engines

Falcon is a futuristic car concept that elegantly combines two different platforms into an innovative and highly functional racing car with unique aesthetics. From the front, the falcon is a stylish car, while the rear end features double rotatable jet propelled engines that gives ultimate power to the car. Moreover, these engines push up the rear end of the vehicle to achieve a vertical position ...
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