Moto Vida Concept Scooter for Brazil

Moto Vida concept scooter has been designed to become the first Brazil’s transformable motorcycle. Due to traffic, public transportation doesn’t seem to be able to answer the need of its citizens, anything that requires more than a walk might take a whole day to get there. Moto Vida offers adaptable, secure, compact, convenient, and affordable transportation. This scooter concept design was in...
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Universal Rescue Equipment Concept by Ekaterina Dekhtyarenko

Universal rescue equipment concept can be used to rescue victims in different types of extraordinary situations. During a shipwreck rescue, the rescue team can throw this equipment from a helicopter, once it touches water, it transforms into a rescue raft, just like a life jacket. Aside being used as a rescue craft, it can also be used as a shelter during sand or snow storms. User can push the fra...
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Twilight Interactive Kinetic Lamp by Min Su Kim

An industrial designer Min Su Kim has come up with a brilliant concept – TWILIGHT. If you observe its shape, it appears to be changing. Yes, it doesn’t feature a fixed shape, but changes its form to create aesthetic illumination. TWILIGHT is more streamlined and is comprised of 23 flat pieces. Each piece rotates at different angles and builds an innovative shape, when a hand is wavered in fron...
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