Lizard Umbrella Concept : Umbrella With Removable Handle to Prevent Theft

Lizard Umbrella concept is a removable umbrella handle to prevent a thief from taking it. As its name suggests, a lizard, when is threatened by a predator, it will shed its tail as a defensive mechanism. This concept umbrella sheds its handle against thieves. When you deposit Lizard Umbrella in a public place such as restaurant’s umbrella stand, you can discourage thieves to steal it by removing the handle, thus, making the umbrella looks broken and less desirable. You can simply attach the cl...
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PEEP : Rotating Door Peephole to View All Area Around Your Door

Currently, conventional door peephole doesn’t cover 360-degrees view which allows a thief to hide in a blind spot. PEEP rotating door peephole offers a view of all area around your door, no one can hide from you. You can rotate this concept peephole to get a better view of the surrounding area. It consists of fish-eye lens along with a mirror that wraps the lens for wider and broader view. Nice idea heh? Designers : Song Woo-Jung, Lee Da-Wi, Kim Su-Yeon, Choi Yong-Hee, Yeo Hwa-Jung, Lee Da-...
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Kuat Bottle Lock Disguises Itself as Water Bottle

A bike thief would have grin on his face when he approaches your bike thinking that he just got himself a free unlocked bike and a free water bottle. Imagine his face when he finds out that your bike is actually locked. Kuat bottle lock is actually a bike lock that camouflages itself as a stylish water bottle. Inside this bottle, you’ll find 5’ internally coiled 8mm cable that locks back into itself. Kuat bottle lock also features a compartment underneath for storage of your keys and other s...
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