3-Wheeled TerraCraft Motorcycle Concept by TerraCraft Motors

TerraCraft motorcycle concept combines the benefit of a car and a motorbike into one. It features tandem saddle just like 2 person motorcycle seat but it can be ridden with full protection when you run into bad weather. The ingenious design will attract a wide cross section of the age spectrum, we always look for practical alternative to a motorcycle yet it can be used as weekend entertainment for...
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X-Mini Uno Capsule Speaker Hands-On Review

We just received X-Mini Uno and X-Mini Max for hands-on review, thanks to XMI team who was kind enough to send us its latest products to test. Just in case you haven’t heard about this portable speaker, we wrote reviews about them before X-Mini 2nd generation and X-Mini Max II. X-Mini Uno is the 3rd generation capsule speaker that delivers better and bigger sound thanks to new ceramic drivers...
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Weekeder Bag Comes with Portable Shelving System Inside

I usually pack my bag like 1 hour before I leave, so you can guess my clothes and stuff are not organized properly, it’s a mess inside my bag. Weekender Bag from Rise and Hang Travel gear would make it easier to pack everything, it features innovative patented portable shelving system, keeping all your clothes folded and organized perfectly. It’s a carry bag that comes with shoulder straps, ni...
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eLink Concept Vehicle by Jorge Biosca Martí

eLink concept vehicle has won Michelin Design Challenge 2013 with its unique concept based on the theme “Half! Lightweight with Passion”. In the future, driving a car will become an expensive lifestyle due to the rising fuel costs, tolls and parking fees, especially in the city. Driving is not enjoyable anymore, it becomes less fun due to crowded street, there won’t enough parking spaces as ...
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Purify Water Tent by Liu Zhuang Provides A Temporary Shelter and Water Purification Device

The lack of water resources is becoming more and more serious particularly in Africa’s dry areas. Purify Water Tent is both temporary shelter as well as water purification device that takes advantage of the sun’s heat to purify water through evaporation and condensation. Fetching water takes a lot of effort and time, also due to the lack water purification system, these people are exposed to d...
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Citi.Transmitter Community Vehicle System by Vincent Chan

Nowadays, living in a big city, we are suffering from traffic jam, and those wasted fuel also increase air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions. This project focuses on designing on small, eco-friendly and sustainable transportation, thus, Citi.Transmitter is born. It is an intelligent community vehicle system, because every one of you has different needs, this modular vehicle offers you differe...
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Police Communication and Computing System by Daniel To

A good communication is the key for effective police works. This concept Police Communication and Computing System has been designed to meet the needs of police officers in the line of duty. It’s “all-in-one” system that covers both on-person and in-vehicle communication such as GPS, mobile data terminals, and cell phones. Those equipment allows policemen to receive messages and information ...
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Hatchet Concept UAV by Jurmol Yao

Hatchet concept UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) offers innovative solution for squad-based mission to help disaster victims which are trapped in a hard-to-reach location. It’s an advanced technology transportation unit which can be a great help during rescue missions. This vehicle features 6-rotor-design that enhances Hatchet with optimum maneuverability and stability in both middle and low altitu...
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Seat Post Trick Lock by Cao Ming

A new bike security system, this is what Seat Post Trick Lock offer you. The main goal of this design is to find a way to put some relevant functional objects and combine them together to get better convenience. This concept combines bicycle with bike lock. The lock’s cord is located within the seat post while the dials are located near the top of the seat post. User can detach the post from the...
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ARAC ZXS Motorcycle Concept by Marko Petrovic

The ARAC ZXS motorcycle is quite unlike any other road-going motorcycle, combining new body design, with ultra light aluminum chassis and powerful and massive fuel-injected v-twin motor. All combined gives a whole new sight – a machine distinctive by its look and performances. What also makes it so distinct is the package –that is comparing with others in class of so called "street fighters...
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Greens Voice Speaker Extends The Life of Empty Plastic Bottles

Used bottles can be utilized to create unique speakers with unique sound characteristics as well using Green’s Voice. It’s a creative device that you can connect to any bottles to create your own speaker instantly. Instead of purchasing speaker, a music device that uses significant plastic, wood, or metal materials for its production, why not re-used empty bottles? Designer : Lin Nien-An an...
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ICARE Hybrid Yacht by Mael Oberkampf

Designed by Maël Oberkampf, ICARE Hybrid Yacht features carbon-fiber and structure design with epoxy. This yacht utilizes flexible solar sails for additional electric propulsion. During cloudy day when there’s no sun or wind, this yacht can use gas turbine engines. Equipped with hi-tech system, this yacht provides you with enjoyable ride, optimum sails orientation can be done automatically. ...
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2K64 Watch Features Vertical LCD Display Framed In Chrome Shell with Leather Strap

2K64 watch boasts retro style of time telling yet with futuristic touch that you can expect from this talented watch designer, Samuel Jerichow. This is the kind of watch that we can wear and look cool with little geekiness. The vertical LCD display tells time based on “analog watch” time telling system, there are 12 parts which are aligned in a circle next to 5 minutes increments. To different...
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Soft Pet : A Pet Mobile Phone for Visually Impaired People

Soft Pet, when you hear these words, you probably imagine a dog or a cat or other furry animals. Well, it’s actually a mobile phone which has been designed especially for visually impaired people. Aside from standard functions such as Braille buttons and speech input, this gadget features other innovative technology as well. It is equipped with “call-and-response” system, user can name this ...
Posted in » Cell Phone, Designs and Concepts

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