Bookshelf D by Jang Wooseok

Bookshelf D was a design submission from Jang Wooseok. At first sight, we didn’t quiet get it when the designer said that Bookshelf D has been designed to mimic a dove. If you are experiencing the same thing right now, try to move away from your monitor and look again. Can you see the resemblance now? This industrial designer says “I persued humorous and practicality in the shape of bookshelf....
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Doot Watch Simplifies The Watch Face Without Sacrificing Functionality

We always admire the unique mechanical watch design from Löytö Esineiden, so when we received this submission, we knew it’s going to be one of a kind design. Doot watch design uses the conventional mechanical movement of an analog watch but with different point of view. The single needle marks the hour just like conventional watch but to read the minutes can be a bit tricky. This watch uses th...
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Cronos Yacht Design Concept by Simone Madella and Lorenzo Berselli

Cronos Yacht Design concept is a design submission from Simone Madella and Lorenzo Berselli, Italian students who are currently studying BYT (bike, yacht and train) class at the European Institute of Design. Cronos Yacht Design concept has received a special mention in the “Young Professional” category during the Millenium Yacht Design Award (MYDA) with special quote “interesting experimenta...
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TEPOS : Tangible Entertainment Projection System for Elderly People

We just received TEPOS (Tangible Entertainment Projection System) project submission by Siqi Liu. This industrial designer thesis theme was “Design for Play”, with this in mind, Siqi wanted to create a tangible product to enhance the social network of elderly people. This entertainment device connects the real world with digital world for elderly people to engage with families, neighbors, and ...
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Bell&Bell Spice Container by Minwoo Lee

This submission is really interesting, Bell&Bell spice container from Minwoo Lee. As you can guess the design of this container was inspired by a hand bell, beautifully translated into dining table accessory. You can use Bell&Bell as salt and pepper container where each set consists of 2 containers that have been carved with “salt” or “pepper” labels. Sprinkle some salt and pepper ...
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Bug-E Multipurpose Electric Vehicle Features Innovative Steering Wheel Design

This submission reminds me of Bobby Cobb from Cougar Town who drives around using a golf cart. I think it’s pretty cool. Bug-E is more of an eco friendly electric vehicle than a golf cart, but this vehicle has been designed as multipurpose transport solution. Bug-E offers a modular boot system allowing its user to transform the vehicle dynamics in just seconds, from golf buggy to utility vehicle...
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Land Yacht Concept by Krisztián Griz

Have you ever heard about land sailing? If you haven’t then let us give you some hint. Land sailing means moving across the land in a wheeled vehicle powered by nature, the wind. This land yacht concept submission came from Krisztian Griz as his project for 3D modelling course. It’s been aerodynamically designed with 3 wheeled configuration and utilizing rear wheel for steering. The body is co...
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Easy Express Emotion Bed By Hyun-Seok Kim

Hyun-Seok Kim doesn’t want to be known only for his yacht design. This time, his submission is a unique bed concept which can help the users express their emotions when they go to bed. Easy Express Emotion Bed (EEE) design is curved in horizontal way and divided in 2 pieces. Therefore, when the bed is attached, lovely mood is naturally presented. However when the bed is divided, the user can get...
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Dignity Bed Has Been Designed To Enhance Patients’ Independence

It's not often we get submission about hospital bed design. Dignity Bed came from Enda Thomas' submission. This bed has been designed with a dry toilet attached to it to enable elderly and physically impaired people attending the toilet without having to walk/wheeled to the bathroom. In this built-in dry toilet, the human waste is contained and electronically sealed in a waste bag. Dignity Bed wil...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Life Science and Medical

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