Samsung Galaxy Gear : A Perfect Companion to Your Samsung Galaxy and A Stylish Wristwatch

Samsung has introduced Samsung GALAXY Gear to become your perfect companion to your Samsung Galaxy, it also serves as a wristwatch. This smart device enhances your experience with Samsung Galaxy even further with its tailored technological features and stylish design. It’s been developed to make your life easier and more enjoyable, it integrates smart technology deeper into your everyday lives and bridges the gap between mobile device and fashion worlds. Some people constantly check their smar...
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Living Pots Sustainable Cultivation Units for Organic Farming

In order to reduce tree consumption, DesignNobis has come up with concept Living Pots sustainable cultivation units which consist of 100% recyclable and re-used materials. Each unit is made out of simple metal and scrap pieces of log, it can be folded flat for easy transport and assembly. The main goal of this project is to reduce wood consumption by designing and developing sustainable pot for plants, herbs, or mushrooms using scrap parts from industrial wood processing. The end product feature...
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Atreides Yacht Ensures Maximum Safety for Occasional Deep Sea Swimmers

The Atreides yacht concept has been designed aiming to enhance the swimming enjoyment of the boarders, making a safe place from various sea creatures. The stylish design of this yacht is supported with various luxury features that passengers will enjoy with pleasure. The front part of the yacht resembles to a super racing car, while the back part contains the fun spot for the passengers. A small pool along with many available place for sunbathing and the most attractive part of the yacht a retra...
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PUPPO Chair Comprises Many Innovative Features with Great Aesthetics

Puppo is an innovative chair concept that has been designed for smaller interiors; targeting young customers who love keep their living areas neat. This chair will be very much handy in the student’s room that will save plenty of spaces for their dorms, while still enjoying the convenience of several pieces of furniture as and when required. With few simple steps, the chair can be converted into a tiny table or footrest. Moreover, it can be transformed into a storage box where users can keep t...
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“Cheers” Mobile Phone Concept is Powered by A Green Alcohol Cell

"Cheers" is an innovative personal mobile phone concept with the shape of a wine bottle. This device is powered by a green Alcohol-Cell which allows saving battery's energy in a more efficient way. There is a cap-shaped quick function switch on the top of the phone that allows accessing the phone's interactive functions easily. This phone concept doesn’t have any physical buttons, rather, when required, the big touchscreen display becomes a full functional qwerty keyboard. With the slim and st...
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The Roddler, Tricycle Stroller for Your Baby

You must have had a stroller, but have you ever seen a product like this Roddler? It is a revolutionized hot rod inspired stroller that can even be converted into a tricycle. Now you need not walk by your feet while taking your baby for a walk, with this new revolutionized product you and your baby can together enjoy the ride with full safety. A shade at the top will keep your baby away from scorching heat of the sun. Its stylish design and elegant colors would impart a sense of enthusiasm while...
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Thermostat Concept for Modern Houshold Interior

The thermostat is a wireless clock-thermostat it has a touch screen display. The Thermostat contains a detailed 7 day-program with 6 changeable temperature periods a day, and a Holiday-function. The thermostat is easy to use and adjustable for every kind of lifestyle, the design is simple so the function remains clear for everybody. The stylish design fits a modern household interior. Britta has submitted this design to honeywell design award, let's hope for the best. Designer : Britta Z...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Home And Kitchen

Shadow Caddy, The Next Big Thing ?

Do you live near a golf course? If you are a regular golfer then Shadow Caddy is a must for you. The stylish design attracts people wherever it goes. This caddy looks like a machine that carries the golfer's clubs for them and follows them around the golf course. This is a three wheels electronic caddy without any remote control or buttons and the tracking is done without any GPS. It follows with the help of sensors worn by the golfer. This product is made for modern golfers who hate to carry t...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Sports, Transportation

Vibering Sensor to Help Detect Noises for Hearing-Impaired

This stylish ring is actually a gadget to help deaf people to sense noises around them. Vibering sensor helps them to notice vehicle's horn or someone's call at the back which often results in an unforeseen emergencies. Consist of two rings and a wristwatch, the ring can vibrate to alarm the bearer about specific noise and identify the information from the wristwatch window at the same time. Vibering sensor not just an alarm unit for hearing-impaired, but also can be stylish fashion items wit...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets, Life Science and Medical

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