Dual Cleaner : A Combination of A Vacuum Cleaner and Steam Cleaner

Dual Cleaner offers vacuum cleaner and steam cleaner in one device, the best of both worlds. First, you need to activate the vacuum cleaner to suck all the dust clean, then switch to the steam cleaner to mop the floor. You don’t need to switch to different appliance, Dual Cleaner can handle them all. Designer : Jung Hyun Min (more…)...
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Cube Lights by Thomas Young

Cube Lights have been designed for modern minimalist home. Hand crafted from sustainable materials, i.e. steam bent timber and finished non-toxic paint. Colors are subject to clients requests. A Perspex semi translucent screen diffuses a warm light emitted by energy efficient LED strip lighting contained within the cube. Long cord allows freedom for user to move the light around and create one own defined space. Designer : Thomas Young (more…)...
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Nespresso Aeroccino and Milk Frother : Elegant and Simple Automated Milk Frother

As someone who loves milk in the coffee, Nespresso Aeroccino and Milk Frother would be a perfect tool to own. As for me, I can’t never say no to cappuccino or latte, it’s something that I would love to drink every minute of every day. This tool froth milk in only seconds with maximum capacity of 130ml (milk froth preparation) or 240ml (hot milk preparation). However, don’t expect this tool to heat your milk like you can expect from a steam wand of an espresso machine, it only warms up whil...
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Twist Stovetop Kettle by Hakan Gursu

An eco friendly Twist Stovetop Kettle, it ensures no water loss during the heating process thank you to its inner circulation design. With water scarcity issue that affects every continent in this world, it’s really important to develop sustainable product as well as resource saving. Using our conventional water kettle, there’s 25% of the water lost during boiling, Twist kettle tries to solve this problem by eliminating the loss of water as well as saving energy from reducing the heating-pro...
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EcoPod Steam Washer and Dryer For Small Living Space

Living in a small space apartment, we need to be smart enough to pick our furniture/appliances. When it comes to clothes, we usually prefer a laundry service or utilize a communal laundry. EcoPod steam washer and dryer can be the perfect solution for us. It is an appliance that simplifies the way we wash our clothes while being water efficient. Ecopod utilizes saturated "wet" steam for washing and superheated "dry" steam to heat the air inside the barrel (much like a regular dryer) for drying...
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