Tokyoflash Kisai Upload Wood LCD Watch with MicroSD Card to Keep Your Important Data

Apparently people love wooden watch because this time, Tokyoflash releases another wood version of its one of best sellers: Tokyoflash Kisai Upload Wood LCD Watch. The LCD display gives a cryptic arrangement of lines and blocks, it mimics road markings where words are stretched out so that you can read it by tilting your wrist from certain angle. It’s not a new design actually, we have previo...
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Kafolda : Foldable Spoon by Gordon Adler

After tea.tanic, unique tea bag holder, Gordon Adler has submitted his latest project: Kafolda. It’s a unique foldable spoon that allows you to create 7 logical fold possibilities, each one is made of laser cut, plasmopolished stainless steel. In this way, each Kafolda comes in flat in a letter for easy shipping worldwide, directly from Germany. Designer : Gordon Adler Tuvie has re...
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Tokyoflash Kisai Neutron LED Watch Features Built-In Motion Sensor Technology

Several LED light bars are combined together to form a nice display, this is what you get from Tokyoflash Kisai Neutron LED Watch. It’s really simple actually, the digital time is represented in fresh and innovative form that curves around your wrist, a futuristic watch. The customizable design allows you to choose how you want the time to be displayed, pulsing in-and-out or waving up-and-down. ...
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CST-01 Watch : Flexible Ultra Thin Watch with E-Ink Displays

You don’t need complicated design to be loved by many, CST-01 watch has proven it by raising more than a million dollar when the company only asked for about $200,000. Awesome, right? This watch features 0.8mm thin flexible wristwatch, the time is displayed uses E-Ink display housed in a single piece of stainless steel. So thin that it only weighs less than 12 grams, yes, less than 5 pennies. No...
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Tokyoflash Kisai Rogue SR2 Wood and Kisai Stencil Watch Features Wooden Case and Strap

Innovation wooden watch from Tokyoflash, this time, both Kisai Rogue Touch and Kisai Stencil are redesigned. Kisai Rogue SR2 Wood features the same LCD watch, but this time with wooden case and strap, a combination of maple and sandal wood. The same goes to Kisai Stencil Wood, now you can own the famous watch in limited edition model. The case is made from natural wood while the wrist band is made...
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Stainless Steel Sensor Mirror by Simplehuman

This stainless steel Sensor Mirror is your smart mirror that lights up every time it detects your face approaching. The light won’t hurt your eyes, it emits natural sunlight to allow you to see full color variation to ensure your make up is color-correct and perfect. It doesn’t use traditional bulb or fluorescent lighting, it is equipped with long-lasting LED to make sure it won’t burn out a...
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Stylish ZIIIRO Saturn Digital Watch

ZIIIRO has released its latest watch design called ZIIIRO Saturn. As usual, it utilizes digital display to show you the time which can be read the same way as Tokyoflash Kisai Uzumaki. We love the minimalist style and iconic logo at the center, futuristic timepiece in stainless steel casing and mesh strap. The hours are indicated by the outer ring while the inner ring informs you about minutes. Th...
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Therm-O Terra Thermal Glass Vessel by Aquaovo

Beautifully designed, Therm-O Terra Thermal Glass Vessel provides the convenience to enjoy your hot or cold beverages on-the-go. It’s made from food grade, lead free, BPA free material, so, not only it protects your health, it also protects our environment. Modern and stylish, this product features removable stainless steel tea strainer and silicone splash guard, it’s an eco-chic alternative t...
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Jules Espresso Machine That Looks Vintage NASA Lunar Lander

No, it’s not NASA lunar lander, it’s Jules, a gorgeous espresso machine which is supported by 3 sleek stainless steel legs. It features capacity up to 1.4 liters, brewing your Espressso in this machine would look so awesome while the result taste like heaven. You can remove the upper half of the sphere for cleaning, including its removable water tank. From : CB Industries (more&...
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Tokyoflash Kisai Polygon LCD Watch Features Geometric Design

Faceted glass surface of Tokyoflash Kisai Polygon LCD Watch is actually formed by colored and mirrored LCD, thus presenting time in much attractive way. For those who love geometric designs, you should check this watch out. Reading the time is not as hard as you think, the angled display shows time just like any conventional clock. There are 12 polygons around the outside of display that represent...
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Sleek and Stylish Tokyoflash Kisai Logo LCD Watch

Tokyoflash Kisai Logo LCD watch presents you with cool morphing animation as time changes, it doesn’t take a genius to read the time, it’s really simple to read it. The “always on” display is easy to read at a glance, you can tell the hours by reading the blocks around the outside of the screen, it’s located at the same position as hours on a clock while the minutes are shown digitally a...
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Let The World Know Your Craze About Comics Through Innovative And Stylish Passionate About Comics

With "Passionate about comics" concept, not only you will be able to give your house an innovative, stylish and brand new appearance, also you will become unbeatable in the competition of collecting comics among your friends. The main idea of designing this product was to create a sculptural unit that can best express your passion about comics, while providing a newer look to your room. Wood is th...
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