Jules Espresso Machine That Looks Vintage NASA Lunar Lander

No, it’s not NASA lunar lander, it’s Jules, a gorgeous espresso machine which is supported by 3 sleek stainless steel legs. It features capacity up to 1.4 liters, brewing your Espressso in this machine would look so awesome while the result taste like heaven. You can remove the upper half of the sphere for cleaning, including its removable water tank. From : CB Industries (more&...
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Pandur 2L Concept Features 2 Vehicles with Electromagnetic Propulsion System

Pandur 2L project consists of 2 vehicles that utilize electromagnetic propulsion system. As you can see from this vehicle design, the wheel system involves the movement of a sphere inside a shell to minimize friction and maximize the vehicle speed. The computer system would detect the position of the sphere using its high sensitivity sensor in order to activate the electromagnet on the sphere’s ...
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Unique and Modern KUU Watch Design

The main objective of KUU watch design is to inform the time by using only one needle to mark the minutes and the hours at the same time. The result is beautiful, unique, and easy to read watch. KUU uses 2 circles of equal size within the sphere of the watch, one with the needle, and one for the minutes. The circle with a needle has a non-concentric turn of 360º, while the circle of the minutes h...
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Bulbo Light Bag by Nicole Osella

Have you ever been in a situation when you need to look and dig for something in your bag in the dark? You can use your mobile phone for light, but that means you can only use one hand to dig while the other holds the mobile phone. Bulbo, a ribbon with LEDs could solve your problem. This device is an add-on module that could fit in any bag you have. It features silicon bulb on one side and a clip ...
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Classical Soup Serving Dish Gets New Shape as Sphere Tureen

The Sphere Tureen concept has been designed to bring a revolutionary change in the design of tureen, a classical dish that is being used for serving soup, by giving them a modern and eye-catching look. Basically, the design was inspired to give the soup dish the shape of a perfect sphere with lot more efficiency than the traditional one. Therefore, a cap has been integrated with a rail mechanism t...
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