ARKUP Liveable Yacht – Enjoy Avant-Garde Life On Water

Living on water, it seems that this lifestyle is getting popular with rising seas and energy independence have become challenges in our generation. ARKUP Liveable Yacht offers a solution to this concept of life on water, this project combines renewable energies, technological innovation, and cutting edge design to create your new home between sea and […]


UFO (Unidentified Floating Object) : Floating House by Jet Capsule

Jet Capsule introduces its latest concept, U.F.O., but instead of flying object, U.F.O stands for Unidentified Floating Object. This project has been designed to be respectful to the environment, it’s solar charged floating house with 12.5m diameter. There’s an electrically charged hydrojet engine located at the bottom of the hull, you can literally move around […]


City Skyline Lamp Casts Cool Shadow of an Iconic City

City Skyline Lamp casts cool shadow of the city thanks to its sophisticated lighting design. You can switch on this LED light and it’ll bring many great memories you had in that beautiful city. That dramatic layered shadow cast on the wall celebrates […]

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