Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 Portable Lantern and Battery Charger for All Situations

Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 Portable Lantern and Battery Charger is a well designed, well made, and awesome light for any situation. Carry this lantern with you on your adventure, it’s the essence of emergency preparedness, its 250 lumens of bright is capable to light up any place, you can also save on power by adjusting its brightness level. This lantern features DuaLite Directional Lighting syste...
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Torchia Solar LED Lamp/Charger for Emergency Situations

Designed by Hakan Gürsu, Torchia Solar LED Lamp/Charger offers portable emergency flashlight that uses solar energy as its main power source. Just like handy flashlight, this concept device fits several needs in both multiple usages. Charged by photovoltaic panels in four wings, Torchia produces energy without any dependency on other energy systems. Suitable for outdoor activities, it charges dev...
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Audi Poseidon Yacht by Ramazan Kaya

Audi Poseidon yacht is a design study from Ramazan Kaya that features luxury, style, and sporty design just like Audi cars which are famous for its modern approach to luxury and design. It boasts sharp lines, beautiful and subtle curves, and innovative technology. Instead of the wind and fossil fuel, this yacht utilizes solar energy to power itself. Designer : Ramazan Kaya (more&hel...
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V Plus Emergency Relief Tent : A Temporary Shelter for Disaster Areas

After disaster struck, V Plus emergency relief tent provides temporary shelters for survivors. It generates its own power using solar cells, the modular design allows a single tent to be interconnected to create larger shelter. The canvas sheet of V Plus takes a triangular shape, the exterior surface has been designed to use advanced flexible solar cells to generate enough power to meet the tent...
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Jellyfish Lighting by Ryan Jongwoo Choi

Jellyfish Lighting concept is a light which utilizes solar energy to power itself. With the principle of utilizing atmospheric pressure difference, when the product is pressed from outside, the inside works like a vacuum. Using this principle, you can attach this product on windows to collect solar energy effectively, and use it later as a night light. Designer : Ryan Jongwoo Choi (...
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PLUG Community Vehicle Design Proposal For Peugeot

Based primarily on solar energy is the new PLUG community vehicle design – an integral part of the communication system between individuals who posses Peugeot and a transportation bought by would-be users. For caution’s sake, Plug features an electricity recharging station. Plug can be operated manually for personal mobility or through remote control. The exclusive auto-navigation system makes...
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Diana : Beautiful and Sustainable Watch by Tommaso Ceschi

You’ll find this watch beautiful, poetic, and sustainable. Diana watch is powered by solar energy, thanks to its wristband that is completely constructed from spheral solar cells, photovoltaic spheres with high generation efficiency(20%) that capture light from all the directions and that can be aligned on a flexible plastic film. The product works like an ancient sundials and it can theoretica...
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Float Solar Powered Motor Boat Provides Enjoyable Marine Picnic Alternative

Marine picnic on the lake of Zurich in Switzerland is always a favorite event among all range of people. But how often do you think of a motor boat in the lake that is equipped with grill, table and small refrigerator, all getting power from the sun only? Float is a solar powered boat that runs two motors empowered by solar energy and is able to run 7-10 km/h while carrying up to six people at a t...
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MARLIN Yacht by Demetrius Tanase : A Bridge between Nature and Mankind

The eco-friendly MARLIN concept yacht concept is a combination of several design concepts and ground-breaking elements that offer maximum luxury and performance. The shape of the specious deck allows the crew to move conveniently and the ergonomically designed cockpit seats include additional space under the folding seats for the driver’s legs. Moreover, the bow deck offers additional comfort an...
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Portable Parabolic Cooker Collects Solar Energy to Cook Your Food

Parabolic cooker concept is a perfect cooking solution to avoid producing lot of CO2 and other harmful particulars when using liquid gas or wood as cooking material. This concept has utilized the endless and clean power source, solar energy, which has many environment friendly attributes and great potential to become the most effective traditional cooking material replacement. This cooker heats ro...
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Helios Car Concept by Kim Gu-Han

If looks could kill, then the new concept car Helios by Kim Gu-Han can be said to be a killer. On the first look it looks more like a frill necked lizard waiting for its prey which is nothing but cells to soak solar energy. By looks of it, one can say that the designer has been inspired by nature as just like the reptiles spread its wing out to control the temperature and the solar energy is captu...
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Eve, 3 Passengers Electic Vehicle Concept

You must have seen cars changing colors but check out EVE which is a unique concept that imbibes the feature of reflecting lights as per the mood with a very classy quality. Boasting of a very perceptive interface that senses the driver's mood, the car has the ability to change the color of its panels. The panels are made up of a mix of polymers and other materials that react to the flow of the el...
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“Sunny Day” Bike with Solar Panel

Sunny Day is designed for daily urban commuting which is a 10 to 30 minutes ride, it is a pedal-powered with full time electrical power assistant, the battery could be charged either by plug or solar energy. The solar panel is mounted in the front of the bicycle, so whenever there is a sunshine, you can charge the battery. Sunny Day bike integrates the solar panel and the bike with aerodynamically...
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