Sipro Intelligent Social Robot Is Designed As A Guardian for Children with Special Needs

Designed for children with special needs, Sipro Home Robot can function as a guardian. This intelligent home robot can be your right hand in the house, there’s a set of four microphones and sensors that precisely detect voices and recognizes where they come from. Place this robot in the nursery room, it detects crying and […]


Aido Advanced Social Robot for Smart Home Inspired by Dolphins

You don’t need to be filthy rich to own an advanced home robot. InGen Dynamics provides you with a solution, an affordable home robot, Aido. Aido is a smart, social robot, a helpful companion at home. The company aims to join robotic revolution by placing Aido in every home. As an interactive personal robot, Aido […]


Tap Strap 2 – Wearable Keyboard and Mouse with AirMouse Feature

Control your device with gestures, it is made possible by Tap Strap 2. This is actually the second generation of wearable keyboard and mouse, this time, it features AirMouse capability where you can control devices such as smart TVs or iPads with AirMouse functionality. Connected through Bluetooth, Tap Strap 2 allows user to use a simple wave of the hand to […]

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