AC Motorboat Features Sleek, Minimalist, and Modern Design

AC Motorboat is a vehicle of entertainment for both racing enthusiasts and families who want to enjoy a vacation on a luxury boat with a large terrace and several rooms with a sleek, modern design. It reaches high speeds while maintaining a comfort thanks to its quiet electric motor, its large windows allow natural light to enter while you can see the sea through the side windows. The design of this boat is characterized by pure lines and simple design, creating a sleek, clean, and nice resul...
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21 Blackjack Timepiece: Casino On Your Wrist

The 21 Blackjack by Christophe Claret is a real diminutive casino with 3 games including dice, roulette and cards. It is a lavish toy for those who are still ardent of their inner child and it opens up a completely new area of appearance for fine watch making, which until now has been practically unknown: interactive watches. The 21 Blackjack matches grand ramifications with the world of gambling, in the process of making a novel watch-making paradigm. Christophe Claret has motivated informed en...
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VFV – Very Funny Vehicle

The VFV super car is a great concept for the future, funny name though, VFV stands for Very Funny Vehicle. Great design, superb compatibility and stylish looks make it a super model and is guaranteed to give a tough competition to all the concept cars. Coming to the safety, you don't have to worry, it has all what it needs. A solid tubular skeleton, a well balanced engine, armor at the crashes at the side windows and an electric motor that prevents collision. Cheerful, safe, economic environm...
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