iXoost : Cool Audio System for iPhone and iPod Touch

iXoost audio system for iPhone/iPod Touch is a cool object for music and auto lovers. At first sight, you’ll be in love with this gorgeous system that consists of 2 main distinct objects: horns and exhaust. It is said that the sound of a 12-cylinder engine should be listened as a melody, a symphony. It goes to show that a fine-tuned engine sound is unique and inimitable. iXoost brings the sense ...
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SSIKE Folding Bike Concept by Asen Innovacio

SSIKE folding bike is trying to ditch the assumption that an electric bike is expensive. This concept is an easy to handle single person folding bike with affordable price, thus, making it available for anyone. It works with your own balance, you’ll get similar sensation as if you’re skiing, but you would need practice to manage the direction of the rear wheel since both front wheel drives and...
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Golmoo Gaming Device to Interact Better Between Multiple Game Screens Smoothly

Are you hardcore gamers? Golmoo gaming device concept aims to help user to interact between multiple game screens smoothly. Wear this pair of device on your thumbs, it will identify the location of your fingers on the screen provides you with realistic experiences and improves the accuracy when gaming. Once a gamer wears Golmoo gaming device on their thumbs, it automatically turns on, simply fo...
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Floow by Flex – It’s Not a Car or Bicycle but It Could Be The Future of Our Transportation

It is not a car, it is not a bicycle. FLEX/the INNOVATION helped to develop FLOOW and designed it to be a unique and cool personal transportation vehicle. With the chain drive and bicycle pedals you get the necessary exercise when using FLOOW. The small electric motor helps you to develop a considerable speed and cover large distances with little effort. It is a cool way to go from A to B and offe...
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Manta Amphibious Electric Vehicle by David Cardoso Loureiro

If you live close to a lake or a beach, this vehicle is perfect for you. Manta is a single person amphibious electric vehicle that offers you great speed on land and water. You can turn this 3 wheeler vehicle into a boat for a quick ride. The wheels have been designed as blades and can be turned 90 degrees propel the vehicle while on water. The electric engines are installed individually at the re...
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The Pendulum, A Green Transportation for Sports and Fun

Innovations in means of transport surely are leading to better and new designs. On these lines comes The Pendulum; the device is a sensation of freedom, energy and spirituality. This device is meant for young people, who are pursuing a healthier way of life while not compromising on style. It is a flexible mode of transportation which is designed for both sports and fun for relaxation. Thus Pendul...
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