eCoin : A Future Digital Representation of Coins

I hate coins. When traveling, I usually try to pay everything with coins first to make sure I don’t have to carry too many of them in my wallet. You might come across the situation where you have to dig deeper in your wallet to find the exact change/amount. Based on that situation, eCoin was […]


Single Person Cooker (SPC) : Compact Cooker Design

Designed by Alex Bradley, SPC is a smart cooker for people who are living alone and hate to prepare their own meals, they prefer junk food. This compact cooker goal is to encourage people in bedsits and bachelor pads to prepare healthier meals. Combination of a hob, chopping board, utensils and a WiFi-enabled screen (futuristic […]


Tap Strap 2 – Wearable Keyboard and Mouse with AirMouse Feature

Control your device with gestures, it is made possible by Tap Strap 2. This is actually the second generation of wearable keyboard and mouse, this time, it features AirMouse capability where you can control devices such as smart TVs or iPads with AirMouse functionality. Connected through Bluetooth, Tap Strap 2 allows user to use a simple wave of the hand to […]

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