Priminimas Bottle Band by Anja Langer

Priminimas bottle band is a simple and great tool to help you remember whether you have taken your medicinal drops or not. If the drug is in the shape of capsule or pills, you can just count how many pills are left, but with liquid medicine, it would...
Posted in » Accessories, Designs and Concepts

Fulcrum Modern Crutch by Arman Kirim

Fulcrum modern crutch was actually a project for a senior thesis. It’s a stylish and comfortable adjustable crutch that you can usually find in conventional crutches. User can use it as forearm crutch or easily transform it into a cane for the next...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Life Science and Medical

SoberPixels Red Racer : Futuristic F1 Concept Racing Car by Ronald de Groot

SoberPixels Red Racer could be the next generation of F1 Racing Cars. It’s a futuristic car that blends the aesthetic of F1 racing car and neon-powered engine. The body of the car has been designed extremely low, suitable for indoor racetracks, per...
Posted in » Cars, Designs and Concepts, Futuristic Car

EKSTramus by Beata Patasiute

When we hear the words swinging chair, we usually think about sleepy and relaxing. EKSTramus concept tries to redefine the meaning of swinging chair by letting you choose your own relaxing positions. The unique design allows you to have 3 completely ...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Furniture, Interior Design

Watch Movies at Campsites with Portable Camping Projector

Projector is a lightweight, handy screen that has been designed primarily for outdoor use, especially to rid the boredom. This portable camping projector can be set outdoors for watching films at campsites. While the portable screen is held to the f...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets, Travel

Disability Crosswalk System To Help Visually Impaired People Cross The Street Safely

The “Disability Crosswalk” is a system that is a universal design used to help all users cross the street safely. With specifically the visually impaired in mind, the crosswalk system is activated by a pressure pad which is stood on. After activ...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Outdoors, Protection

Ziiiro Watch : Aurora and Orbit

ZIIIRO just launched 2 new models recently, Aurora and Orbit. The ZIIIRO Orbit displays time by employing 2 planets, the colored orb symbolizing the hour, while the white orb displays the minute. The Orbit, resting over a bracelet strap combines sili...
Posted in » Fashion, Watches

IKKU Watch by Löytö Esineiden Offers Unique Way to Read The Time

The designer of the IKKU watch project, who has done several designs of stunning analog watch, has come up with the new analog clock, which is open to great possibilities primarily by its particularity. The IKKU watch has been designed in stainless s...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Fashion, Watches

Unique and Modern KUU Watch Design

The main objective of KUU watch design is to inform the time by using only one needle to mark the minutes and the hours at the same time. The result is beautiful, unique, and easy to read watch. KUU uses 2 circles of equal size within the sphere of t...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Fashion, Watches

MO:BEN is A Portable Food Container That Can Heat-Up Your Food

Mo:Ben is a handy food container that includes a built-in film heater component that can heat up foods to a pre-heated temperature. Mo:Ben's main mechanism of maintaining the heat is the combination of foam-filled cavity insulation and the built-in h...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Food and Drink, Home And Kitchen, Travel

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