VW Auriga Concept Land Yacht for Cruising On Wide and Impressive Landscapes

In corporation with Volkswagen Design Center Wolfsburg under the supervision of Prof. Erich Kruse and Dipl.-Des. Andres Meyer, VW Auriga is a new vehicle concept, especially designed and developed for cruising on wide and impressive landscapes. The concept design was based on “Zeilwagen” or wind chariot by Simon Stevins for Prince Mauritz in 1646, therefore you might notice a resemblance betwe...
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Concept Webcam by Anoop M

We just received a design submission from Anoop M, it’s a trendy and stylish Bluetooth concept webcam. The main body design was inspired by bee, can you see the resemblance? You can easily mount this webcam on top of the LCD screen while the head of the cam can be rotated freely 360-degree or when needed, you can also tilt the cam up and down. Designer : Anoop M (more…)...
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MyYour Outdoor Shower

This is probably the sleekest and most beautiful outdoor shower anyone might have ever seen. The grayish self-colored body of the shower bears resemblance with the splendid carves of a woman's body and the design is equally attractive. The Four shower head coupled together can pour water in four different directions. The nozzles and the shower handles are shiny and smooth to match with the overall...
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