Project Watches ‘Till Watch Tells Time In English

‘Till Watch tells time in English, yes, it’s a watch that speaks to you visually, not just in numbers. It explores the relationship between now and then, so instead of reading 10:50, you’ll be reading ten to eleven or 12:30 becomes half past twelve. These words are used when we tell time but they were never reflected on a watch, therefore, this designer wanted to bring back the useful langua...
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Tricycle House and Tricycle Garden Could Be The Future of Single Family Home in China

A temporary house might be the answer for those who can’t afford their own land, this is a fundamental condition in China. Tricycle House and Tricycle Garden has brought interesting concept for the future where people and the temporary land their occupy can develop temporary relationship. This project aims to create affordable single family home as well as sustainable. The material used is pl...
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Front and Back Clock by Gihawoo Design

Front and Back Clock face provides a deeper interpretation of the relationship between battery and clock. This clock face has been designed with an inner and outer disk where each one is housing a battery that acts as the hand of the clock. All this time, you know that battery at the back allows the clock to work. This time the designer wanted to offer the battery to play more important role in it...
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“Mo” : Redefined Notebook PC

If you are very particular about the design of your book, then this product is surely for you. "Mo" is the redefined notebook PC designed for customizing each and every cover to fit the style of the owner. You just need to touch the screen in order to read or make any kind of changes in your book. This product allows for adaptation to users specific needs and interests as well as offering a conven...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Laptop, Personal Computers

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