BATHSPHERE : A Little Piece of Heaven in Your Home

The changes in the concept of living space organization in the modern world also change the attitude towards important area in our house, such as bathroom. Bathroom for us is no longer a place where we can just wash face, brush our teeth or take a shower. Bathroom space should be seen as a place from which we begin our day, and a place where our day comes to an end. This particular place shapes...
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Eye Stick : Mobility Aid for Visually Impaired People by Kim Tae-Jin

Eye Stick concept revolutionizes traditional cane as mobility aid for visually impaired people. It uses light and ultrasonic waves to guide the user to measure distances, it won’t be affected by fog, rain, or any climate issues. By using projected light, user can avoid any collisions with other pedestrians, the ultrasonic system provides crucial information about hazards such as floor level chan...
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V-Tent Solar Powered Charging and Protecting Unit by Hakan Gürsu

V-Tent system features eco-friendly parking system that protects as well as charges your vehicle. Each unit has collapsible canopy which can be used for both personal or public parking areas, together, they create a sustainable system for urban environment. The canopy provides large shade to prevent the heat of the sun, rain or snow from falling on your car, it helps prolong the life and maintenan...
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Airblow 2050 : Futuristic Umbrella Without Fabric, Would You Use It?

Airblow 2050 is your futuristic umbrella concept. This project has been designed as part of James Dyson Award based on the idea how unpractical our conventional umbrella is. As you already know, umbrella causes your floor wet, users collision, and turns inside out when strong wind blows. Keeping this in mind, the designer played with the idea what if there’s no fabric? What can we use to protect...
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