SoberPixels Red Racer : Futuristic F1 Concept Racing Car by Ronald de Groot

SoberPixels Red Racer could be the next generation of F1 Racing Cars. It’s a futuristic car that blends the aesthetic of F1 racing car and neon-powered engine. The body of the car has been designed extremely low, suitable for indoor racetracks, per...
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Tag-Heuer Formula 1 Watch Gives User The Same Elegance Of Driving A Mercedes Benz

TAG-Heuer Formula 1 watch concept has been designed aiming to align with the Formula 1 team, the McLaren-Mercedes, for which TAG-Heuer has been working as a watch brand for the last 25 years. This is why, the shape and appearance of the watch contain...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Fashion, Watches

Audi Compact And Efficient Futuristic Car Gives True Sensation Of A Racing Car To The Rider

Beware of selecting the smallest car for efficient transportation in congested and busy future roads since there is a possibility of owning a tiny, boring car that has been designed to be a smart traffic cutter only. Victor Uribe has envisioned the A...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Futuristic Car, Transportation

Sea Raider Futuristic Concept Boat with Solar Energy Panel on The Roof

Sea Raider is a futuristic concept boat that is specially designed for the next millennium. This entertaining boat comprises a friendly finished design and is powered with both fuel and solar energy. The inspiration of this boat came from racing cars...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Transportation

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