Moveo Foldable Electric Scooter for Crowded Urban Traffic

Moveo foldable electric scooter will enter scooter market and revolutionize urban traffic with its beautiful organic design. It can be folded to size of a suitcase, very compact and lightweight (25kg without saddle bag). This e-scooter has been designed and developed to meet the needs of mobility in crowded urban traffic, it can reach up to 45km/h and 35km range. Its closed foldable body is so com...
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Folding Bike for Couriers by Anton Kosteckii

The main goal of this "Folding Bike for Couriers" project was to design a useful, capacious, and compact mechanical means of transportation for couriers who work in a printing house. We’re not sure why it’s meant only for couriers of a printing house since it looks really handy for anyone who needs to deliver a package using a bike. Using this bike, you can place leaflets package or other poly...
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AvA02 Serafim Jet Design by Timon Sager

AvA02 Serafim concept jet has been designed and developed for private use. The idea behind this concept is to fulfill human’s great desire to fly at any moment, reach unimaginable heights and go to all places we had ever wanted to see without great time expenditure. Rich people are usually under great pressures; well this new hobby flying with private jet offers the ultimate relief from all thos...
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Maglev System EOL Magnetic Train Features No-Contact And Energy Efficient Operation

Maglev system EOL is an innovative snake shaped magnetic train concept that has been designed for passenger transport and high value cargo traffic for the first time in railway transport. The use of magnet levitation instead of mechanical elements makes the concept more silent, more energy saving and more cost-effective than traditional railway system. The train remains connected to the tracks and...
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