Snake Futuristic Car by Liwen He

Snake futuristic car was inspired by the flexibility of snake’s bone that allows it to move smoothly through narrow tunnels. In this way, when you’re driving in narrow streets, you can easily move forward sneaking around other vehicles smoothly. This unique car adapts to different kinds of road, it is a problem solving for parking, remember how a snake curls up when asleep, this car does the s...
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Bracelet KEY Is Ideal for People That Keep Losing Their Keys

Some people just seem to keep on losing their keys as simply as put them down and then forget. It’s really frustrating, do you think Bracelet KEY could be the simple and practical solution for this problem? This product transforms your key into fashion item. If you have experienced in losing your key before then you know it can result in embarrassment, inconvenience and the financial cost to ...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Domestic Aid, Fashion

Two-Face Window by Kim June Kyoung and Do Yong Gu

This is a convenient window design, called Two-Face window, it can be rotated to 360-degrees, making it safe and easy to clean. If you place small flower pots on one side, you can easily expose your plants under the sun or safe it from the rain, simply by rotating the window. Cleaning the window on both sides is no longer be a problem, even when you live in a tall apartment building. Designers ...
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Ely Can : Better Watering Can Design by Diane Dupire

Ely Can is a watering can that features unique design which mimics an elephant’s trunk. Instead of carrying this watering can, user can simply pull and roll, thank you to 2 wheels on both sides. With this new design, you don’t have to bend when water your plants. Do you know that gardening as an outdoor activity offer many health and therapeutic advantages for elderly people? Unfortunately, th...
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Cruise around Busy City Streets Easily with Full Circle Compact Foldable City Bike

On busy city streets, riding a bike seems like a great transportation option to reach our destination faster, however, carrying your bike on a subway can be a problem especially during peak hours. That’s why we love Full Circle, a compact-sized foldable city bike that features large wheels. This bike doesn’t use a chain, it utilizes free wheel gear that directly connects to the pedals, it migh...
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Parachute Shelter Provides Immediate Relief Aid and A Shelter to Hard-to-Reach Locations

After natural disaster struck, immediate actions are needed to provide temporary shelters for homeless victims. However, there are victims located in difficult-to-reach locations which make it impossible to bring necessary aid delivered and distributed in short period of time. Parachute shelter design tries to answer this problem by providing a dual-use parachute. Why parachutes? Well, it makes...
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Gymbot Personal Trainer Robot Promotes Healthy Lifestyle and Healthier Weight

Presented at ICSR 2011 design award, Gymbot Personal Trainer Robot drew attention from many practitioners. Massimo Battaglia has come up with interesting scenario for the year of 2020 where obesity in developed countries would still be a big issue. Adults and young people do not maintain good balance between their body and food, they don’t actually care about their well being regardless they are...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Robotic, Sports

ZeusHydration Water Collector by Kwan Ken Yong

The lack of safe and clean water is one of vital problems faced by many people who live in developing countries. ZeusHydration Water Collector has been designed to provide solution to the problem that causes hunger, disease and poverty. It’s a device that absorbs water from different sources and filters it to potable water. There are different ways for ZeusHydration to collect water, one of them...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Domestic Aid, Green

Electric Home Smoker Design by Natalya Bublik

Do you love smoked fish or meat? I do, especially in the summer when it’s BBQ time. This electric Home Smoker design by Natalya Bublik has a filter to absorb the smoke when you’re done, thus, avoid the problem of your kitchen gets smoked too. Just plug in into a socket, indoor or outdoor use, you’re good to go. A great solution if you live in a big city with no backyard. Designer : Nataly...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Home And Kitchen

VV-Talker Speech Assistive Device For Vulnerable Deaf Children

Oftentimes deaf children are not able to speak effectively due to their disability to listen normally. Although the education system for the deaf has improved considerably, still these children are finding it difficult to communicate fluently or learn things faster. In order to help such children overcome their problem of listening, a new device has been unveiled. VV-Talker is an electronic device...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets

Futuristic 3D Scanner Design for “Generation P” Movie

Art. Lebedev Studio is a private design firm, which provides advanced engineering, graphic, and web and interface drawings. They provide most easy, elegant and suitable solution to any problem without losing the purpose. Their recent task was to design a futuristic 3D scanner for "Generation P" movie. The industrial designers include Alexei Sharshakov, Adam Paterson and Hyuh Jin Lee. They have don...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts

Scum Chair : Cardboard Chair by Hannes Harms

We would have seen an assortment of furniture sets designed to fit contemporary living space. The only problem with such furniture is the amount of space they take and shifting the furniture becomes a big headache at times. Keeping this in mind, many designers now are coming up with innovative furniture sets quite easy to handle. Among them is the new Scum Chair by Hannes Harms, a based German ind...
Posted in » Furniture

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