QUADRA Box-Shaped Personal Electric Vehicle for Easier Daily Commute

Living in a fast-paced lifestyle, combination between bulky documents and traffic congestion can make daily commute difficult. QUADRA Box-Shaped Personal Electric Vehicle wants to make your daily travel easier, it combines quick travel with convenient storage. This unit is both vehicle and portable storage, it’s an energy efficient and environmentally sustainable traveling device.


MyersMoto Air : One-Seater Concept Electric Vehicle with Warning Sounds

MyersMoto Air is a concept one-seater electric vehicle for busy city streets. Most one-seater electric cars are designed to be fast, quiet, and nimble, this might lead to an accident. This concept project aims to provide rider with an electric vehicle that is engineered just like a whistle, its presence can be detected through sound. […]


Dango Tactical EDC Wallet for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Dango Tactical EDC Wallet is a gorgeous wallet that holds up to 12 cards (both business or credit cards). It’s crafted from genuine top grain leather then secured to Dango wallet chassis with mil-spec bolts. This wallet has been designed specially for outdoor enthusiasts that love keeping things clean and organized. There are more than 14 built-in function within this wallet, including RFID that blocks outsiders to try to steal your information. […]

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