Modern Nord Fridge Design by Olga Kalugina

Nord Fridge tries to re-arrange all fridge elements into new places. First thing that probably catches your eyes the second you open this fridge is the inclined triangle shelf. It is designed especially to keep the bottles. The next thing is a movable shelf. You can adjust the height of the shelf as needed, it […]


Robot Harvester Design For Gathering Rubbish from Shopping Centers

The Robot Harvester is a self driven robot concept that has been designed to gather rubbish from shopping centers and street territories, and put them to the right place for disposal. Not only the small rubbishes, the Robot can gather big rubbishes as well using manipulators. It features two web cameras and sensors to detect […]


MONKII Pocket Gym: Total Body Workout Can Be Done Anywhere

Total Body Workout anytime, anywhere, thanks to MONKII. It’s a pocket gym designed specially for travelers, busy people, and people who are always on-the-go. Pocket MONKII offers world’s most portable fitness device where you can do the same exercises as you do in the gym, but this time, you can do them anywhere. You can avoid crowded gym […]

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