Whistle Mask For Traffic Police Officers

Whistle Mask has been designed specifically for traffic police officers. Traffic police used to breathe in too much polluted air while directing the traffic. As the time passing by, it might cause some occupational disease of respiratory. Whistle Mask not only filter the polluted air, the electrical whistle also helps to solve the issue that […]


Load Carrier for Labour by Vikram Dinubhai Panchal

Load Carrier for Labour – This is what we call as a step towards modern designing. Kudos to Vikram Dinubhai Panchal for he has come up with his spectacular design, with respect to improving the current working conditions of laborers. Aimed at preventing several occupational hazards faced by workers globally, this load carrier enables 3 […]


Segway Dirt eBike with Superior Off-Road Performance

An eco-friendly electric dirt bike with superior off-road performance, this what Segway Dirt eBike promises you. This bike has been designed and built to perform just like other dirt bikes and even better, it is lightweight, compact, low maintenance, and easy to master. Segway wants to make it possible for more people to enjoy exciting […]

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