Hedonist Yacht by Art of Kinetik Is Wrapped In High Quality Mahogany Wood

Studio Art of Kinetik is popularly known for creating custom luxury wooden yachts. The hot cake of their collection of yachts however is the new Hedonist Yacht – a work of beautiful art, offering comfort and convenience. Powered by a combination of Rolls Royce engines, this 63-foot yacht has the capability to cruise at high […]


Infinitas Yacht Design was Inspired by the Symbol of Infinity

Infinitas is a 300 foot yacht concept inspired from the symbol of infinity which has been comprehensively expressed theoretically within the elevation of the yacht. This closed loop eternity symbol is featuring two major elements, the carving out stern and the mid section elliptical shaped deck constructs. The seamlessly flow of the yacht’s superstructure within […]


Solarpuff : Sustainable Home Lighting Inspired by Origami

Solight Design has created Solarpuff, beautiful solar-powered inflatable cube. It is a beautifully architected sustainable home lighting for environmentally friendly conscious consumers. Alice Min Soo Chun, the inventor of Solarpuff, wanted to solve an important issue, there are more than a billion people around the world that still don’t have good access to reliable and proper lighting. Combining her knowledge, and her love for origami […]

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