The Cosmos Bed by Natalia Rumyantseva

The Cosmos Bed takes you to get on board to the journey of relaxation, sleep, and rest. It’s a partially open bed that provides a sense of privacy when you lie on the bed, it’s been designed to give you the ultimate comfort and security. The overall shape looks like an egg or a capsule. […]


Sunrise Lamp by Natalia Rumyantseva

Sunrise Lamp is a perfect lamp for anyone who loves to wake up feeling sunlight on their faces. Natalia Rumyantseva has designed a beautiful lamp that mimics the rise of the sun, you get to feel warm red light fill your room with calm and nice energy. It also works as Japanese tradition that considers […]


Portable Norshire Mini Tire Inflator Produces Pressure as High as 174psi

Introducing, smallest and most portable tire inflator, Norshire Mini. It’s an innovative device designed and developed by engineers and innovators who always want to make a difference. This time, they decided to develop a car accessory with minimalist philosophy. Noreshire Mini is claimed to be world’s smallest tire inflator with […]

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