Stov : Modern Electric Fire Pit Emits 500-watt Far-Infrared Radiation

Submitted by Springtime, Stov is a modern, electrical fire pit. A fireplace or fire pit always radiates cozy and warm feeling and it often becomes the center of a social interaction where people talk, play, or just cozy up. The problem is, traditional fireplace, stove, or fire pit can be environmentally unfriendly and unhealthy. Springtime […]


Beautiful Brændt Fire Pit Is Great for Your Outdoor Gathering

Gathering on the beach with friends and family? Brændt Fire Pit might spice things up, it’s a modern fire pit that you can use as the centerpiece for socializing, grilling, or roasting marshmallow. Designed by Brian Keyes, a senior for industrial design at the Rochester Institute of Technology, this fire pit features circular tripod construction […]


DJI Mavic Pro Drone Folds Down As Small As A Water Bottle

A small yet powerful drone with affordable price, DJI Mavic Pro would be a perfect choice for you. Event though it’s only available early next year, every one who will get this late Christmas gift certainly won’t be disappointed. DJI Mavic Pro would make the sky become your creative canvass, every moment can be an aerial moment. Claimed as most sophisticated flying camera drone, DJI has done […]

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