Stov : Modern Electric Fire Pit Emits 500-watt Far-Infrared Radiation

Submitted by Springtime, Stov is a modern, electrical fire pit. A fireplace or fire pit always radiates cozy and warm feeling and it often becomes the center of a social interaction where people talk, play, or just cozy up. The problem is, traditional fireplace, stove, or fire pit can be environmentally unfriendly and unhealthy. Springtime […]


Beautiful Brændt Fire Pit Is Great for Your Outdoor Gathering

Gathering on the beach with friends and family? Brændt Fire Pit might spice things up, it’s a modern fire pit that you can use as the centerpiece for socializing, grilling, or roasting marshmallow. Designed by Brian Keyes, a senior for industrial design at the Rochester Institute of Technology, this fire pit features circular tripod construction […]


Cool Overwatch Loot Box Mood Light for Video Game Players

Opening a loot box can give you a thrill, just ask any Overwatch video game players. Overwatch Loot Box Mood Light wants to bring back that same feeling right in your room. All video game players would get a rise out of anticipation of what’s in the box, even if the content end up with […]

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