Google Ara Phonebloks Modular Smartphone Might Reduce Electronic Waste

A modular concept smartphone called Google Ara Phonebloks might reduce electronic waste. Do you know that millions of mobile phones are throw away because they are broken or obsolete? Most of the time, the case within each phone is that it requires p...
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Razor LED Watch Design Was Inpsired by Motorola Razr

Do you still remember the year of Motorola Razr? Apparently Peter Fletcher remembers it vividly how this sleek thin clam shell phone had attracted him with its super sexy metallic key pad. It was the time where phone designs are still compact and sle...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Fashion, Watches

Bus Stop Shelter Design by Gavin Harvey Simplifies The Operational Logistics of Forthcoming Public Transport Infrastructure

A bus shelter has been designed for the purpose of developing a real time final year project of an industrial designer, Gavin Harvey. This innovative bus stop is capable of charging an electric bus wirelessly. It is also built-up with a mechanism to...
Posted in » Architecture, Designs and Concepts, Transportation

Universal Phone Is Especially Designed for Blind People

Usual mobile phones contain a small dot on the 5 key that allows the user to press the other keys even without looking on the keypad. Thus, even blind people can write text messages with conventional mobile phones. But what will they do when it comes...
Posted in » Cell Phone, Designs and Concepts

Sleek and Modern Public Phone Concept

Are you getting bored using outdated public phones? "SLEEK and MODERN" can be the two words given to this public phone concept. Even in the world of technology and mobile phones, the Turk Tele Kom has thought of designing this public phone. With its ...
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