Freakishclock Wall Clock by Sabrina Fossi

FreakishCLOCK is a minimalist wall clock designed by Sabrina Fossi, an Italian industrial designer, to bring you stylish and unique clock in any room. This hand-made object measures 30cm in diameter and 3cm thickness, it is a sharp and distinguish object. The main goal of this clock is to minimize the time concept, you won’t see a standard hours hand, in fact, almost the entire face of the watch...
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Nava Filtering Water Bottle by KOR

KOR has sent us its latest design, Nava filtering water bottle. It’s a stylish and beautiful water bottle that filters as you sip. It took them 18-months to come up with the prototype, they’ve done extensive researches in order to bring you this beautiful, easy to use, and pleasure bottle to drink from. Now ordinary tap water will taste great when you drink from this bottle. Most people fee...
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MZ Revival Motorcycle Features Organic and Fluid Design

MZ Revival Motorcycle was a group project of 5 designers from DSK International School of Design, Pune (India), they teamed up to work on different aspects, from design, modeling, details to prototyping. This motorbike features organic design language as you can see in every element. The main goal was to design a vehicle that inspires the future design language of the German brand MZ. Which was la...
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Vestel Assist Project Introduces You to Smart Kitchen System

The project named termed as "Vestel Assist" was undertaken by Begum Tomruk in collaboration with Vestel Electronics and Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Department of Industrial Product Design to create an extra ordinary kitchen control system. The project includes smart kitchen systems and appliances. Every part of the system is connected to each other, together, they create a kitchen centered ho...
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Folding Bike for Couriers by Anton Kosteckii

The main goal of this "Folding Bike for Couriers" project was to design a useful, capacious, and compact mechanical means of transportation for couriers who work in a printing house. We’re not sure why it’s meant only for couriers of a printing house since it looks really handy for anyone who needs to deliver a package using a bike. Using this bike, you can place leaflets package or other poly...
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Flash Communicator Translates Your Voice into Morse Code

Flash Communicator translates your voice into Morse code in real-time. It looks like pretty cool concept for victims in remote areas to be located and rescued more efficiently. The main goal of this project is to design communication device which can be used in the event of natural disasters, since most of the time when disaster happens, electrical supply is blocked and communication is virtually ...
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It’s Time to Read Me : Electric Pin-Up Board That Lights Up to Get Your Attention

If you have problem with forgetfulness, it would be a big problem when you have busy schedule. Even when you already use pinboard to remind you about important things, still, you can accidentally ignore them. You would wish you could purchase “It’s Time to Read Me” electric pin-up board that lights up to remind you to check its message and act upon. It’s a great little accessory that help ...
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Stylish 1:Face Watch Helps Changing The World 1 Face at A Time

1:Face Watch features minimalist design with mirror face. The idea here is to purchase stylish watch while helping the world. The thick silicone band comes in 6 different colors that you can choose, each color represents different causes: red for aids, black for cancer, white for hunger, blue for environment, yellow for water, and pink for breast cancer. Simply press the button and time will be di...
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Train Wreck Bike by Colby Higgins

Train Wreck bike features steampunk style bike with awesome details. The main goal this industrial designer was to bring back iconic form into different and interesting object. Designer’s own words: My inspiration was derived from a lot of different sources. I have always had a fascination with old fashion mechanics. We don't see the technology outwardly exposed enough anymore due to the ris...
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Logma Small Car Design With Lambo Style Doors

Logma is a small car design with 2 doors in Lambo style. According to Dr Hussien Al Jammazi, the word Logma itself means the small piece of food. The body is constructed from carbon fiber, the electric engines are installed on the front wheels. The spare tire can be found on the sunroof. The main goal of this small car design is to provide nice options such as less electric charges, less money ...
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HondaJet Offers You The Highest Speed and Best Fuel Efficiency In Its Class

Honda always believes in the power of dreams. For the past sixty years, they’ve been channelled the power of dreams toward a main goal, which is advancing human mobility. Now, it’s time for them to expand beyond the bounds of land and sea. HondaJet is an innovative aircraft design to set a higher standard in flight. It offers quieter operation, higher fuel efficiency, and lower emissions than ...
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ATV 4WD Concept Vehicle by Marcos Ignacio Madia

The ATV concept comprises several innovative features that change the typical configuration of this kind of vehicles. The unique design of this vehicle’s bodywork has been done in a ways that provides more space to charge. The main goal of designing this vehicle is to generate a new type of all-terrain vehicle that can work with a wide range of users for a variety of purposes. Keeping this idea ...
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BacVac Fuel Cell Vacuum Cleaner with Backpack-Style

Vacuum cleaners are an unavoidable appliance for those who would like to keep their households neat and clean. There are many available vacuum cleaners over the market but not many of them are as effective as BacVac, a fuel cell concept vacuum cleaner. This smart backpack-style vacuum cleaner is powered by an integrated fuel cell which allows the user to enjoy a cable free cleaning experience. The...
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Folding Knives by William Woods

Folding knives concept is a fun but useful project by William Woods. Pocketknives are always being considered as a handy gadget for serving various purposes. The designer has used the technology to develop a superb product that will assist opening blade and have blade locks. The main goal of this concept is to blend strategic utilities and elegant lines with latest folding knife technology SARTF w...
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“Natural Wave” Will Utilize The Heat from A Radiator to Warm Your Foods

A radiator generally gives off a remarkable amount of heat and Yoo Byungseok designed the Natural wave considering the new possibilities and many other practical uses of this energy. The Natural Wave concept describes the potential of interrelations among an item and its environment. Ordinary everyday objects that is being neglected in general has been given new meaning by developing new uses that...
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