Lotus Lamp : Lighting Design Inspired by Nature

This Lotus flower inspired lamp has been design to mimic the flower’s movement and delicacy by being able to open and close as its lit up. Lotus lamp petals are made out of fiber paper to allow a textured translucency to come through but strong enough not to burn. The form can also be modified […]


Stack Futuristic Car for The Year of 2046 To Fight Space Crunch

Stack futuristic car is one of Michelin Challenge Design Finalists where this year theme is to design a car for the year of 2046 that features art, life and ingenuity. Based on these automotive designers analysis, they concluded that by the time we reach 2046, India would be the second largest economy after China. This […]


Lynq Keeps Track Your Loved Ones Even without Cell Phones

Lynq is an innovative device that keeps track your loved ones even when cell phones can’t. this is an advanced long-range tracker that is perfect for adventurers or travelers, it provides you with real-time distance and direction to keep track with your people. The good news is, you don’t need WiFi, cell networks, map, smartphone, or even apps to work with Lynq, no monthly fees as well. You can locate everyone […]

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