TapTap Wristband Keeps You In Touch with Your Loved One

TapTap Wristband keeps you and your loved one connected, it’s a small device that transfers touch between 2 people. Aside from transferring the touch, it can also be an activity tracker, smart alarm, or a game controller. It doesn’t matter how far away are you two, this device senses your “tap” and immediately transmits the gesture to another paired wristband, in this way, the other wearer...
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eLink Concept Vehicle by Jorge Biosca Martí

eLink concept vehicle has won Michelin Design Challenge 2013 with its unique concept based on the theme “Half! Lightweight with Passion”. In the future, driving a car will become an expensive lifestyle due to the rising fuel costs, tolls and parking fees, especially in the city. Driving is not enjoyable anymore, it becomes less fun due to crowded street, there won’t enough parking spaces as ...
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RD 3 Wheels Vehicle Concept

RD concept car is designed for single passenger and best suited for large routes. The main feature of this car is that it works mainly through articulation that not only gives direction but also makes it capable of compacted during high traffic and low speeds. Therefore, this vehicle remains low at the high speed and also displays information required during a trip by voice command by the driver. ...
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