Dutchmann Vicious Cycle Is The Result of Collaboration Between Duncan MacIntyre and Anton Dekker

Available in limited edition of only 10 units, The Vicious Cycle amazing craftsmanship as the result of collaboration between Duncan MacIntyre, retired frame builder, and Anton Dekker, a composite specialist. You probably know that MacIntyre is South Afriaca’s most accomplished bicycle frame builder, he has worked under wide range of local brands while Dekker has […]


ICON E-Flyer Electric Bike Combines The Elegance of A Classic Bike with Modern Day EV Technology

ICON E-Flyer Electric Bike is a combination a classic bike and grand oval motordromes from WW I era. At first sight, you can capture the classical elegance of a vintage bike combined with modern day EV technology. Available in limited to just 50 bikes, the design was inspired by the dawn of the motorcycle, each […]


City Skyline Lamp Casts Cool Shadow of an Iconic City

City Skyline Lamp casts cool shadow of the city thanks to its sophisticated lighting design. You can switch on this LED light and it’ll bring many great memories you had in that beautiful city. That dramatic layered shadow cast on the wall celebrates […]

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