Wind Capsule System by Chen Xingnuo

Wind Capsule system has been designed with a vision that in the future, humans will on the ocean and they’ll need various resources to supply their energy needs. The industrial designer got his inspiration when he had the chance to visit Netherlands, a country with unusual geography where much of its land has been reclaimed from the sea and is below sea level. Standing on this land, it made him ...
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Air-Elf Aircraft Concept Is Able to Take-off or Land Vertically

Air-Elf aircraft concept is to solve road congestion. The core of the concept is a new type of wing, "Air Caterpillar". It can be transformed in order to meet the needs of flexibility and speed of the aircraft. Air-Elf aircraft not only can take off and land vertically, but also is able to perform high-speed cruising. In addition, Air-Elf is equipped with smooth aerodynamic appearance, clean and e...
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AKOYA Light Amphibious Ski Plane by Lisa Airplanes

LISA Airplanes just releases commercial AKOYA Light amphibious ski plane. This airplane has been designed to be able to land not just on land and water, but also snow, thus offer you unthinkable transportation possibilities. This young and ambitious French company introduces two-seater airplane that features patented Multi-Access technology and pivoting wings for easy transport and storage. Any...
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Land Yacht Concept by Krisztián Griz

Have you ever heard about land sailing? If you haven’t then let us give you some hint. Land sailing means moving across the land in a wheeled vehicle powered by nature, the wind. This land yacht concept submission came from Krisztian Griz as his project for 3D modelling course. It’s been aerodynamically designed with 3 wheeled configuration and utilizing rear wheel for steering. The body is co...
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Supersonic Passenger Cruise Flight With Reduced Noise Through Exceptionally Long Nose

The exceptionally long nose of the plane must have made you think it as the personal aircraft of Pinokio, just like him, the nose of the plane also gets longer with every lie it tells. Actually, this long nose design of the concept supersonic passenger or cargo carrier reduces the noise that a supersonic plane generally produces to be operated over land without freaking out the Noise Regulatory bo...
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Chase 2053 Futuristic Car : 3-Wheeled Vehicle Moves On Land and Air

Many expert engineers have been trying hard for years to design a car that runs both on land and on air, believing that it could be a ‘zero pollution’ car. This long term research has led to the discovery of a vehicle named, "Chase 2053". Powered by a high end slush hydrogen engine, this revolutionary vehicle generates electricity for land and disseminates SUH2 to jet engines, thereby allowing...
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HondaJet Offers You The Highest Speed and Best Fuel Efficiency In Its Class

Honda always believes in the power of dreams. For the past sixty years, they’ve been channelled the power of dreams toward a main goal, which is advancing human mobility. Now, it’s time for them to expand beyond the bounds of land and sea. HondaJet is an innovative aircraft design to set a higher standard in flight. It offers quieter operation, higher fuel efficiency, and lower emissions than ...
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Halo Intersceptor Alone Can Offer Land, Water And Air Travel For Complete Future Transportation

Maybe you own a super car, a personal jet, and a great sea boat, are you satisfied yet? Considering the special maintenance and difficulty of taking all of them wherever you go, you always must have envisioned a transportation alternative that can act as all three. Halo Intersceptor is a hybrid vehicle concept that can make your dream come true with the ability to transform a car, a private air...
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