Cake Cutting Knife by Arun Paul

I was always amazed how my mom can cut my birthday cake equally when I was a kid, still don't know what the secret of that but if I could use Cake Cutting Knife from Arun Paul, I could never cut a big slice for myself and smaller slices for my friend...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Domestic Aid

Escort Carbon Fiber Dagger Bundle For Outdoor Enthusiasts

If you love outdoor activities, you might as well grab Escort Carbon Fiber Dagger Bundle. These set of knives are not meant for cutting, they are for self-defense/stabbing, so if you expect to get super sharp blades, you might get disappointed. Each ...
Posted in » Outdoors, Travel

Deglon Meeting Kitchen Knife Set by Mia Schmallenbach

Mia Schmallenbach has beautifully designed Meeting Kitchen Knife Set which not only practical but also a work of art. Her creation took the first prize of European Cutlery Design Awards this year and lucky for us, it’s been produced by professional...
Posted in » Home And Kitchen

Utility Knife Maketicus Is A Cutting Tool With Ergonomic Multi-Faceted Body

The idea behind Utility Knife Maketicus is to create a wide application utility cutting tool. Art. Lebedev Studio, a Russion modern industrial design company has come up with ergonomic design that becomes the basic body of this knife. The innovative ...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Domestic Aid

Creditor Carbon Fiber Money Clip Knife by John Kubasek

Devices and appliances are becoming handy and portable these days. Everybody wants the smallest and the most compact item, be it a washing machine or a mobile phone. The smaller, the better is the present generation gadget motto. One simple tool that...
Posted in » Gadgets, Protection

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