GameVice Controller for iPad Mini

Hardware controllers are always better compared to touch controllers, agree? That’s why we still get to see manufacturers develop special controllers for our touch screen devices, one of them is GameVice Controller. This unit is especially designed for iPad mini to turn your tablet into a comfortable and powerful gaming handheld, you can play many games on-the-go, the same way as you play them at home. It features the classic D-pad and button configuration, a familiar configuration your finger...
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Stylish CruxENCORE Case Gives Your iPad Air A Convenient Keyboard

CruxENCORE changes the way you work with iPad Air, it offers you the portability of a tablet and the convenient work of a laptop. I know that you can just go and get Microsoft Surface that works the same, but some people prefer iPad over Surface, and CruxENCORE is the solution. This case features a full-sized QWERTY keyboard with raised keys for comfortable typing whether messages, email, or documents. This case has stunning details and stylish appearance, all features have been designed with...
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Elegant AC iPad Stand by Alex Casabo

AC iPad Stand is gorgeous and minimalist stand that will be a perfect complement to your iPad. Its unique design combines wood and aluminum to create elegant stand and somehow increase the volume of your iPad without additional electronics. Even when you use smart cover, you won’t have any issue with this stand and you still can access all buttons without problem. Designer : Àlex Casabò (more…)...
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hipKey Tracks Your Device and Alerts You When Out of Range

hipKey keeps an eye of your valuable items or little ones, it makes sure you can track your stuff to protect them. If you keep on losing your phones, then this device is perfect for you. It alerts you the moment your device is about out of you range, thus, making it perfect as well to keep children next to you. Simply attach the device to the item of your choice or keep it inside your children pocket, download a special app on your iPhone and iPad, you’re ready to go. It’s innovative and aff...
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PowerDock 5 Charging Station by Griffin Technology

A single dock to rule them all. PowerDock 5 provides each of your gadget its own charging port and it doesn’t take much space on your table or countertop. It’s a great solution to bring order of chaos for all gadget freaks. Each charging bay is spacious enough to accommodate your iPad along with its case, therefore, there’s no need for you to remove your precious iPad from the case to charge. There’s illuminated power status light to inform you when PowerDock 5 is powered up and ready to...
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Microsoft Surface Tablet Could Be World’s Best Tablet Yet?

Microsoft Surface tablet offers a nice solution that iPad users experience with its integrated keyboard on the cover. Microsoft promises you that you will experience unique expression of entertainment and creativity, you can play and work the way you want, a perfect surface to work with. Unveiled at LA press event, Microsoft Surface features 10.6-inch screen tablet, 'vaporMg' technique for its casing, integrated kickstand and the molding and depositive process that produces extremely thin but du...
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Apple iPad 4 Concept by Luis Pedro Fonseca

This is a very nice attempt of designing the next generation of iPad. The iPad 4 concept is based on Apple's product line and built to top versatile new products. For this concept, the new iPad 4 features a built-in keyboard that slides at the bottom of the iPad. It has similar functionality to the existing product but with some new details such as speakers from Bang & Olufsen, a new camera with HD 1080 12Mega pixel, and an aluminum frame, easy to recycle and maintain. The main idea was t...
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Aqualife Waterproof Smartphone Case : One Size Fits All Mobile Phones

Pineway Asia has teamed up with Andrea Ponti to come up with Aqualife waterproof smartphone case. Aqualife is produced by Pineway Asia Ltd. and distributed across Asia Pacific by Case Logic. Just for your information, Pineway Asia Ltd. is the authorized sole distributor for Case Logic Mobile and Hardware in Asia Pacific. This case been designed for all mobile phones, the waterproof one-size-fits-all case is perfect to use when you want to protect your phone in watery environments, not sure if th...
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Portable Hidden Radio and Bluetooth Speaker with Built-In AM/FM Radio

The sleek and stylish design of Hidden Radio and Bluetooth speaker has certainly captivated many people as its Kickstarter Project has been funded to more than $500k when they “only” pledged for $125,000. Just in case you are interested in pre-ordering or just supporting the designers, the project still has 21 days to go. Designed and perfected through out 4 years of research and development by duo industrial designers John Van Den Niewenhuizen and Vitor Santa Maria, this speaker boats timel...
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F3 Folio iPad Case : Beautiful Hand-Crafted iPad Case by Ray Hill Studios

Claimed as the one and only, F3 Folio iPad Case features simple, clean minimalist lines in classic raw wood veneers finish. The design is both stylish and functional. Ray Hill and Eric Nord of F3 Designs are proudly present F3 Folio iPad Case as one of their unique and striking products to carry, protect and use your gadget easily all at the same time. Designer : Ray Hill Studios for F³ Designs (more…)...
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Cable.Gone : Cable Managing Solutions by David Lazar

Cable.Gone project offers a solution to your desk cable management. It’s actually a simple and easy tool to hide those cable messes, no fastening or assembly needed. Designed by David Lazar, you can spot this product on Kickstarter as they (David Lazar and Ryan McNab) decided to bring this design into production. Aside from being used to hide those cables, user can also tilt Cable.Gone and use it as an iPad or laptop stand, hide cables from these devices and enjoy a clutter free environment. ...
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Bosco Cutting Board by Andrea Ponti

Bosco cutting board is a great companion for high-tech kitchen as it’s been designed with an iPad stand. It’s made of Ginkgo wood and specifically designed for high-tech lovers. Each unit is hand carved out of a single log by Kyoto craftsmen. Designer : Andrea Ponti (more…)...
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Omnifer iPad Accessory for Visually Impaired People

Right now, iPad could be one of the best mobile devices in this planet, however, the design itself is not perfect for visually impaired people. Omnifer iPad accessory aims to make iPad more accessible to these people; it helps them more accessible to internet on-the-go. The design will still keep the iPad thin and light, the 3-panel flip design gives iPad the ability to switch between Braille mode or standard operation. When the Braille overlay is not in use, user can flip the protection panel t...
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Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad2 by Zagg

ZAGG’s patent-pending, highly appreciated protective keyboard case design offers an additional measure of handiness and style. Its aesthetically appealing look will never let you go without it anywhere. Just go ahead from FaceTime to email time in no time. A folding hinge holds iPad 2 in portrait and landscape modes as well, and the choice is left to you. While the keyboard charges using USB, an embedded Bluetooth wireless keyboard matches quickly and easily. Hence, you never have to be concer...
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PalletteCase For Your iPad Is Made Out of 100% Merino Wool

PalletteCase is a unique case that helps grip your iPad. Made out of 100% Merino wool felt plus sturdy vegetable tanned leather, the slim and protective case grips your iPad securely in landscape and portrait mode as well. With a small opening behind the case, you can support your iPad with the hub of your hand. PalatteCase is unlike other standard case where holding if from the edge can lead to hand fatigue. Furthermore, 2 leather straps support tabletop typing, hands-free video watching, thus ...
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