Peugeot XRC : Extreme Racing Car by Tiago Aiello

Peugeot XRC is a concept extreme racing car, perhaps Tiago Aiello was inspired by racing remote controlled cars when he was a kid, just like all little boys are crazy about it. This badass car has been designed to run on just about any terrain, deserts, snow, rocks, mud and more, you name it. The […]


4NE1 Roller Coaster Style Transportation Seat by Christopher Simmons

Designed by Christopher Simmons, this 4NE1 is an innovation design in transportation seat for the future. Christopher Simmons, a student from Monash University was trying to create a vehicle seat this can be enjoy by elders, adults, kids and even physically impaired, that was when 4NE1 roller coaster style seat born. This system is completely […]


Segway Dirt eBike with Superior Off-Road Performance

An eco-friendly electric dirt bike with superior off-road performance, this what Segway Dirt eBike promises you. This bike has been designed and built to perform just like other dirt bikes and even better, it is lightweight, compact, low maintenance, and easy to master. Segway wants to make it possible for more people to enjoy exciting […]

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