3to1 Sports Equipment by Michael Imbert

3to1 sports equipment was designed when this industrial designer wanted to offer a solution for all sports enthusiasts regardless their location or financial situation. Most people who have practiced sports are usually addicted to one or more sports activities because they like it or simply because they can afford that particular sports equipment. For others, […]


Marshall Freeplayer by Michaël Imbert

Marshall Freeplayer is an iPhone/iPod dock that offers you a 360-degree sound system, hear the same sound quality from every corner of your room. The high quality sound from Marshall makes you diving back to the old days where we could taste sweet and delicious Rock and Roll history. The classic look, attention to details […]


Segway Dirt eBike with Superior Off-Road Performance

An eco-friendly electric dirt bike with superior off-road performance, this what Segway Dirt eBike promises you. This bike has been designed and built to perform just like other dirt bikes and even better, it is lightweight, compact, low maintenance, and easy to master. Segway wants to make it possible for more people to enjoy exciting […]

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