Paris Navigating Gym : A Fitness Vessel Powered by Human Energy

Paris Navigating Gym is a fitness vessel powered by kinetic energy from passengers’ workouts. It’s pretty ambitious project since it’s going to be challenging to encourage passengers to workout while crossing Seine River. This concept fitness vessel has been developed in collaboration with fitness equipment manufacturer Technogym, Terreform ONE, a non-profit architecture group, and URBEM, […]


Solar and Human Powered Boat Concept

After solar powered notebook concept, here comes solar powered boat concept, and not just solar powered, but human powered too. The idea was to find a new way of classic pedal boat which became old, and nothing really new has been released for years. As you can see in the picture, 4 people can settle […]


MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand Seamlessly Integrated with Your Laptop

MOFT Laptop Stand is probably world’s lightest adhesive laptop stand around yet, it is designed and developed in a way that is perfect for mobile working. It allows you, a road warrior, to work anywhere with ease and comfort. Thanks to its “invisible design” philosophy, this piece is unseen when attached, unnoticed when carried, and unfelt when worked on. This laptop stand functions as a seamless appendage of your computer. Made from unique PU and fiberglass material, MOFT is strong enough to hold up to […]

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