Eco-B Concept Bike by Dhaneesh Neelakandan

Eco-B concept bike is an urban mobility solution for energetic and eco-friendly commuting. Urban transportation is facing both heavy traffic and environmental issues nowadays, people have less time to maintain their health and some who have the time can be found in fitness centers. The project here proposes a Pedelec (Pedal+electric, a special electric bicycle) which is hoped can improve our urban...
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PH Conditioner Skyscraper Concept to Improve Air Quality and Neutralize Acid Pollutants

To be honest, PH Conditioner Skyscraper concept is very ambitious project to improve air quality while providing fresh water and fertilizer as well. Yes, if we kept on doing what we’re doing with industrialization and the burning of fossil fuels, in the future, we might face Acid rain. Do you know that SO2&NOx produced by heavy traffic and industrial production has driven the pH level of atm...
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DesignworksUSA E-Patrol : Futuristic Human-Drone Pursuit Vehicle Concept

It is nice to see big auto manufacturers vision of future highway patrol, this time the concept comes from BMW Group DesignworksUSA, E-Patrol. It’s a human-drone pursuit vehicle for Los Angeles in 2025. Based on their research, they predicted that the street of LA would become more crowded with faster and eco-friendly vehicles, thus making a team of patrol officer is highly required to keep the ...
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Sea Creatures And Zaha Hadid Architecture Became Inspiration For A Futuristic Vehicle That Splits In Two

Core2sia is the name of this unique futuristic concept imagined by Hossein Ghahramani. The word "Core2sia" refers to the Italian word "cortesia" which translated means politeness, courteousness, courtliness. The number 2 inserted in the name reminds us that we are talking about a vehicle that has the ability to split in two,  telling us that is something with 2 cores. Inspired by sea creatures an...
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