Virtual Graffiti for Graffiti Artists to Practice Their Skills Without Destroying Public Walls

Graffiti is drawing or writing on a wall or other surface in public, we can say graffiti is an art and getting more popular by days as people get fascinated by it. Unfortunately, most of these artists just can’t help themselves even though they know drawing on some of the public walls is illegal. Virtual […]


Ecko Prosthetic Leg Project : Modern and Stylish Artistic Prosthetic Leg for Graffiti Artists

Ecko Prosthetic Leg is an artistic prosthetic leg designed for graffiti artist or a bicycle messenger. One of many difficult challenges that amputees have to deal with is to regain the feeling of being normal, this is pretty difficult since they have lost the ability to do many things that they never thought about before. […]


Edison Rustic Lamp Design Demonstrates The Elegance of 19th Century

Gorgeous Edison rustic lamp design that would light up your desk in style. If you’re into industrial style décor or steampunk light, this would be the perfect lamp for you. Handmade in USA, the pipe used is made from real steel, there are five socket variations you can choose and three wood base finishes. Each set comes with […]

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