Inflatable Bathtub to Reduce The Possibility of Accidental Slipping or Falling

For elderly or disabled people, getting into and out of a bathtub can be really difficult. There are bathtubs with grab bars or handrails, however, the bathtub’s high walls still can cause accidents especially combined with water on the floor of the tub. Inflatable Bathtub features partially inflatable enclosure to increase the tub safety, convenience […]


Movable Urinals Concept by Fuming Wu

Movable Urinals concept has been designed to provide easier access for disabled people to urinate. People in a wheelchair often have difficulty when they need to go to the toilet. There are still many public places that aren’t designed to support disabled toilet facilities. Even with grab bars, it’s really challenging for these people to […]


Segway Dirt eBike with Superior Off-Road Performance

An eco-friendly electric dirt bike with superior off-road performance, this what Segway Dirt eBike promises you. This bike has been designed and built to perform just like other dirt bikes and even better, it is lightweight, compact, low maintenance, and easy to master. Segway wants to make it possible for more people to enjoy exciting […]

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