E-True 3W Vehicle by Ricardo Fedrizzi

E-True 3W vehicle is perfect for young and stylish people. The objective behind this design was to develop a lightweight and compact one person electric vehicle. It seems that Ricardo Fedrizzi, the designer of this vehicle has nailed it. This cool looking vehicle was designed based on the golden ratio in human proportions. Driving E-True […]


Moving Around Campus Is Easier With Campus Eco Car

When I was in college, I hated walking from building to building to take my classes in such hot weather. I wish my college had this Campus Eco Car. This small 2 seat electric car is designed specifically for campus. The designer was inspired by the snail shell when he designed the car’s exterior, while […]


Borderlands Claptrap Talking Car Charger Fits Your Standard Cup Holder

Claptrap is back, it’s a unique character from Borderlands. CL4P-TP is a general purpose robot manufactured by Hyperion, it’s not just a machine, this robot is programmed with personality that brags frequently yet expresses severe loneliness. Borderlands Claptrap Talking Car Charger wants to bring this cute robot in your car, it fits in your standard cup holder and his eye would […]

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