Mega Yacht 60m by PAMA Design and Valerio Romondia

The sharp and angular forms are the strong point of this Mega Yacht 60m. For this new concept the architects Alessandro Pannone and Francesco Malinconico of Pama Design have set themselves the objective of finding a balance between harmony, elegance and functionality. The grounds feature a large glazed surface that crosses all longitudinal sides are […]


O-Flut : Decorative Fireplace For Swimming Pools

O-Flut fireplace is the new model of “Fire Wonderland” from GlammFire. This artistic fireplace is inspired by the metamorphosis of the flut model and designed for the decoration of indoor/outdoor swimming pools. Each of this new O-Flat fireplace has an MDF base and supports the essence of the flut model in a tempered glass structure. […]


Portable Norshire Mini Tire Inflator Produces Pressure as High as 174psi

Introducing, smallest and most portable tire inflator, Norshire Mini. It’s an innovative device designed and developed by engineers and innovators who always want to make a difference. This time, they decided to develop a car accessory with minimalist philosophy. Noreshire Mini is claimed to be world’s smallest tire inflator with […]

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